Welcome to the African Leadership University (ALU) online application portal for the Africa Industrial Internet Programme (AIIP). This application portal is hosted by our trusted partner, SurveyMonkey Apply. Register to start your application.

There are 2 rounds of applications for the 2019 AIIP Cohort:

  • Round 1: September 3 - 30, 2018
  • Round 2: October 8 - 31, 2018*

Decisions will be made on a rolling basis so we encourage all applicants to apply in Round 1 to be considered for the competitive scholarships for the programme.

*Applications started before September 30, 2018 but submitted after this date, OR, any applications started after September 30, 2018 will be considered as part of Round 2 applications.

Before completing your application, please take note of the following:

  • You are required to fill out all relevant information accurately and as appears on your official documentation where applicable.
  • Make sure you review your application before submitting

We appreciate you taking the time to apply for the AIIP.

In case you have any questions or issues filling out your application, you can reach us at aiip@alueducation.com.